An act of appreciation

John Younger gives back to departments that helped him growJY_Olympia_2008_151_Sm

I do not give much, a small, monthly, automatic payment from my bank that I don’t miss. I have made arrangements, however, to give more to KU through my will and, while that will be more substantial, I won’t miss that either.

I give for several reasons. The small monthly amounts go to the department that I’m administering at the moment, first Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and now Jewish Studies. The reason is very simple: I want there to be a bit of “play” money in the department’s Endowment account so it can pay for an “impulse” purchase of mine (a bit of extra travel money for a faculty member, a small prize to a deserving student, a bonus to valued staff).

The larger bequest is because KU has given me opportunities to grow. Before coming to KU in 2002, I taught at a private university for 27 years in one department without any responsibilities. Here at KU, I have taught for three departments (Classics; Humanities and Western Civilization; and Museum Studies) and I have chaired Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and now Jewish Studies. I have enjoyed developing these programs (starting a PhD in WGSS and a BA in JS), working with a supportive administration, and, most importantly, collaborating with great faculty and teaching lots of bright students who are going to make the world a better place.

I give back to KU simply to say “thank you” for making even my short time here so very enjoyable.”

– John Younger is a professor of classics and the academic director of Jewish studies