Meet Your Advisor: Shelly Mann

Undergraduate Major: B.A. (double major) in sociology and administration of justice. M.S. in Mental Health Counseling.

Head-shot of Shelly MannI became an advisor because … earning a college degree can be one of life’s most rewarding accomplishments – but navigating a university can be very intimidating! I enjoy working with students to help them reach their goals and assist them in overcoming obstacles that might get in their way along their academic journey.

My super power would be: Superhuman Endurance – I would never get tired and my “to do” list could be completed daily! (With left over energy to add more check boxes to the list!)

My favorite KU memory is… being hired to work at KU!

What did you want to be when you were growing up? I wanted to be lots of things! Every time I finished a good book, I wanted the jobs of the characters I had just read about. Ok, I still do that!  So maybe I’m still growing up?

My  soapbox: Don’t get stuck in the mindset that only a certain major will lead you to a specific career. Declare a major you enjoy. Following your passion often leads you to finding your purpose.

My favorite place on campus is … Watson Library. Libraries feel like a sanctuary to me. They are usually relatively quiet and allow me to collect my thoughts. Book + Coffee = the perfect lunch break escape!

Shelly’s tips to help you succeed:

My best advice for college students: Utilize the resources made available to you! Attend instructor office hours and meet with your advisors. You are the reason we are here and we want to see you!!

Text reads: Remember: Decisions are made by those who show up! So, no matter how you feel – Get up, Dress up, and Show up!


Text reads: Read the syllabus

Text reads: Create an assignment calendar. Never miss a due date!


Text reads: Make a weekly schedule and stick to it!


Get in touch with Shelly:

Why you should go see an advisor:

College students get lots of cliché advice, such as “go to class,” “take advantage of office hours” and “meet with your advisor.” These sentiments are shared so often because they work. Meeting your advisor can be especially helpful for choosing a major or minor, finding internship or job opportunities, and overall making the most of your time in college.  Advisors are there to provide professional, unbiased advice and help students be successful, plus they’re pretty cool people.

Not sure who your advisor is? Find your academic advisor by logging in through your myKU portal.