Find Your And: Insia Zufer takes passions from classroom to community

Ask Insia Zufer why she studies biology, and she’ll give you an answer that extends far beyond a passion for fieldwork. By exploring how and why humans, animals and even a blade of grass work, Insia discovers the connections that unite us all to each other, and to the planet. She added minors in psychology and film to gain […]

Graduation Profile: Finding strength and hope through difficulty

Leaving her home on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota to study at KU changed Jordyn Gunville’s life in more ways than she ever imagined. Her move to Lawrence led her down an eye-opening path to her future in community health. Gunville grew up in Eagle Butte, South Dakota in the poorest county […]

Marcus Florez

Graduation Profile: Wake-up call turns expulsion into opportunity  

Marcus Florez, B.S. in chemistry, Class of 2015 If it weren’t for Marcus Florez being expelled, he may never have become a promising young Alzheimer’s researcher. Florez, a senior from Bel Aire, had a wake-up call at the young age of 14. He describes himself as a troubled kid, who was frequently suspended and finally, […]