Meet Your Advisor: Kristina Youngblood

College students get lots of cliché advice, such as “go to class,” “take advantage of office hours” and “meet with your advisor.” These sentiments are shared so often because they work. Meeting your advisor can be especially helpful for choosing a major or minor, finding internship or job opportunities, and overall making the most of your time in college.  Advisors are there to provide professional, unbiased advice and help students be successful, plus they’re pretty cool people.

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An icebreaker when you meet Kristina:

Images of the original rules of basketball on the De Bruce Center. Caption reads "Ask Kristina if she still remembers the rules of basketball!"

Everything you need to know about Kristina (sort of)

Undergraduate Major: Political Science

I became an advisor because… I enjoy watching young adults materialize. Makes me super happy to be part of the process.

My soapbox: Those extremely expensive paperweights (AKA textbooks) you get from the bookstore are actually useful. Going to class every day is great, but you need to read and engage your course materials in order to learn. This means not only reading the introduction and conclusion of the material; but also reading the text from beginning to end, making notes in the margins, asking questions while you read, and highlighting key points. Further, when you feel overwhelmed do not be afraid to ask for help. We are not scary and neither are your professors. I promise. Your professor was once an undergrad too.

My best advice for college students: 

Find your person. Everyone needs someone to check-in with every now and again.

Your person can be an advisor, an instructor or a counselor at CAPS. Nevertheless, find someone that you can talk to when something happens and you need answers.

My super power would be: Does time travel in a blue police box count?

My favorite KU memory is… So many to choose… Probably my first semester at KU one of my POLS 110 classes put together a presentation on basketball for me. I did not know the rules; they literally had to explain simple things such as “in the paint”. They also got a laugh out of me watching snow fall for the first time.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? A diplomat. My uncle worked for the State Department and sent me post cards from all over the world signed, Love Cruella De Vil. I thought it would be so glamourous to work for the State Department too.

My favorite place on campus is… The top floor of Watson library. I love the new study spaces and natural light. I wish the space existed when I was working on coursework.

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