Meet Your Advisor: Cortney McKay

College students get lots of cliché advice, such as “go to class,” “take advantage of office hours” and “meet with your advisor.” These sentiments are shared so often because they work. Meeting your advisor can be especially helpful for choosing a major or minor, finding internship or job opportunities, and overall making the most of your time in college.  Advisors are there to provide professional, unbiased advice and help students be successful, plus they’re pretty cool people.

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An icebreaker when you meet Cortney:

A picture of Strong Hall with red and yellow tulips in front. A quote reads "Ask Cortney why Strong Hall is her favorite place at KU

Everything you need to know about Cortney (sort of)

Undergraduate major: Psychology and political science

Professional staff picture of Cortney McKayI became an advisor because… I wasn’t ready to let go of KU and Lawrence. That being said, I love working with the details that are necessary to ensure that students will have what they need to graduate.

My best advice for college students: Check your Academic Notices, read your KU email and put important dates on a calendar that you check regularly.

My favorite KU memory is…spending time with friends in Templin residence hall on Daisy Hill.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? I wanted to deliver mail to people.

My  soapbox:

Quote: "Be kind. You never know what battle someone is fighting."

My favorite place on campus is … Strong Hall.

My super power would be: Disappearing from one location and instantly reappearing in another.

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