Meet Your Advisor: Anna van Haandel

College students get lots of cliché advice, such as “go to class,” “take advantage of office hours” and “meet with your advisor.” These sentiments are shared so often because they work. Meeting your advisor can be especially helpful for choosing a major or minor, finding internship or job opportunities, and overall making the most of your time in college.  Advisors are there to provide professional, unbiased advice and help students be successful, plus they’re pretty cool people.

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An icebreaker when you meet Anna

Image of the inside of Allen Fieldhouse with a crowd singing and swaying. Banners display the five years KU has won the NCAA championship. Text reads "Ask Anna about that time KU won the NCAA championship in 1988.

Everything you need to know about Anna (sort of)

Undergraduate Major: B.A. History

I became an advisor because… As a former student, I know universities can be big confusing places. I wanted to be someone students could come to, to help find their way through their college journey.

My best advice for college students: You get to experience college as an undergraduate once; make the most of it!

What’s at the top of your bucket list? I would love to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? I had a new career every week. It was anything from a nurse to Paula Abdul’s back-up singer.

My 140-character soapbox:

Read emails! Come to appointments on time! Say please and thank you! Common courtesy goes a long way when interacting with faculty, staff and other students.

My favorite KU memory is… This will take people way back, to maybe before they were born. I was 5 in 1988 when KU won the NCAA championship. I remember driving around with my parents honking the car horn and having a feeling of camaraderie with complete strangers. It is one of my most vivid childhood memories.

My super power would be:

My super power would be the ability to freeze time. I have a two year old, and he is growing up too fast for me to keep up. I would love to have the ability to freeze time.

Get in touch with Anna if you’re interested in studying applied behavioral sciences, economics and speech-language-hearing.

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