Faculty Q&A: Jen Weghorst

Name: Jen Weghorst

Undergraduate Major: B.S. Zoology at Miami University. At KU, this would be closest to B.S. Biology—Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology.

Why should someone study your subject?

If you marvel at the amazing diversity of life on Earth and are eager to understand the mechanisms of evolution behind this diversity, then you would enjoy this major. Your course choices could include ecology, conservation biology, marine biology, evolution of development, and many more.

Before graduating, every student should:

do something they never thought they could/would do. This could be studying abroad in Costa Rica and seeing a wild spider monkey for the first time on a primate behavior field course, or it could be getting involved in research on the systematics of plants in the Canary Islands and presenting that research at a national scientific conference. Don’t set limits—keep exploring!

What is your favorite place on campus?

Indoors: the Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Institute
Outdoors: the wooded area by the Campanile and Potter Lake

My proudest accomplishment is:

receiving the J. Michael Young Academic Advisor Award because it means that I was able to help some students achieve what they wanted to achieve at KU, and that these students took the time and energy to nominate me for this much appreciated award. Each day I come to work, I am thankful for the wonderful students with whom I get to interact. I love celebrating their successes!