Extracurricular Activities: Ruth Allenbrand, cake decorating

Ruth Allenbrand is the Finance Manager in the Liberal Arts & Sciences Shared Service Center and a masterful cake decorator.

Ruth Allenbrand1

Ruth Allenbrand 2Why do you decorate cakes?

Decorating cakes is a creative outlet that everyone can enjoy. Cakes are a short term project that people can appreciate visually and they taste good too. I love the challenge of trying to take an idea in my mind and replicate it out of cake, icing and other edibles.

How long have you been decorating cakes?

I started decorating cakes over 30 years ago for my sons’ birthdays. Over the years I progressed to cakes for adult birthdays and weddings. Now days I have gone back to making children’s birthday cakes for my grandsons and fancy cupcakes.

Ruth Allenbrand 3

What’s your favorite part of cake decorating?

Even though the end result of decorating may not be professionally perfect, I enjoy the response of people I make the cake for.

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