Extracurricular Activities: Lydia Ash, car rebuilding

Lydia Ash is a graduate secretary for the Department of English by day, car rebuilder by night.

Lydia Ash

The staff members of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have diverse jobs and even more diverse hobbies. To feature some of those outside activities, we’ll highlight a staff member and their extracurricular activity each month.

Name: Lydia Ash
Title: Graduate secretary, Department of English
Extracurricular: Rebuilding a 1968 Chevelle

Lydia Ash

Why did you decide to get into car rebuilding?
I wouldn’t say I’m particularly into the rebuild aspect—I’m focused on the eventual outcome. I’ve loved cars, especially old cars, since I was a kid. My partner has worked on vintage car projects since he was a teen, and being with him allowed me the opportunity to own a vintage automobile. This 1968 Chevelle is my second attempt at owning a vintage car. I owned a 1967 Mustang convertible for a couple years, but we didn’t click. The Chevelle is much more my style, and we’re rebuilding it into a vehicle that’ll work as my daily driver but will also perform well at drag races.

How long have you been rebuilding cars?
This is my first one, and might be my last. I’m much more interested in the driving aspects than I am the repair business, but in order to drive a vintage car, I feel I need to know how to fix it, too.

Lydia Ash

What’s your favorite part of rebuilding?
The knowledge that eventually it’ll be on the road!

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