Liberal arts & sciences at work: George Mullinix, the art of science

George Mullinix has been called one of the best #exploreKU contributors ever, and makes a career shooting footage for commercial clients around the world. But can you guess what KU degree the artist behind this photo has?

Birds-eye view of one half of James Naismith Court in Allen Fieldhouse.

Photography? Nope. Sports journalism? Wrong again. George actually graduated from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology. And if you hop on over to George’s site you’ll see how he blends a passion for nature with his artistic career. Here’s a sample of his work:

Goes to show that the sciences and the arts complement each other perfectly!

In March 2017, George took over our Instagram account for a few days as he shot a new commercial at KU and in KC forĀ popular clothing company Charlie Hustle. Here’s George’s story:

HEY THERE, JAYHAWKS! I'M GEORGE MULLINIX. I graduated from the College of Liberal Arts & Science in Spring of 2014 with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Now, I'm a cinematographer and photographer based out of Kansas City.


I'M EXTREMELY LUCKY TO GET TO DO WHAT I LOVE EACH AND EVERY DAY. "Since graduating, I've been extremely fortunate to shoot for editorial and commercial clients around the world. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!"

George shares his day filming a new commercial at the KU campusĀ on our Instagram account: