Kim Beets Academic Advisor for African & African-American Studies, American Studies, Latin American Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Spanish

Meet Your Advisor: Kim Beets

College students get lots of cliché advice, such as “go to class,” “take advantage of office hours” and “meet with your advisor.” These sentiments are shared so often because they work. Meeting your advisor can be especially helpful for choosing a major or minor, finding internship or job opportunities, and overall making the most of your time in college.  Advisors are there to provide professional, unbiased advice and help students be successful, plus they’re pretty cool people.

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An icebreaker when you meet Kim: 


Ask about that moment Kim realized, "I'm home."

Everything you need to know about Kim (sort of)

Undergraduate major: Spanish and global & international studies, B.A.

Professional profile picture of Kim BeetsI became an advisor because… I had a very influential academic advisor as an undergraduate student. She helped me through some very tough times academically and I really wanted to provide that support and guidance and make a difference for students. College is hard to navigate if you don’t know the ropes! I want to be there for students and help them find their way.

My soapbox: Find something you care about and study it! If people in your life are telling you that you will never get a job with XYZ degree or major, don’t let them get you down. If you love it, you will find a way to incorporate it into whatever you choose to do with your life! Beyond that, you are learning skills that are critical to becoming a competitive, marketable candidate for the workforce or for graduate programs, or whatever it is you choose to do.

My best advice for college students: I’m going to give the same advice every one gives: Go to class, do your homework, and meet your professors. Also:

Visit with your professors and develop relationships with them, it can be incredibly beneficial for both your grades, and for opportunities later in life.


Also, study abroad if you can! There most likely won’t be another time in your life where you can drop everything and just go abroad for 6+ months, so do it as an undergrad! There is a ton of funding out there for study abroad, so don’t let the cost scare you too much.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? I wanted to be a doctor. Then, in high school I realized I liked reading and writing more than I liked science and decided I wanted to be a teacher.

My favorite KU memory is… I moved around a lot before college. One day in my first semester at KU, I was walking down the sidewalks in front of Fraser Hall and Watson Library. I wasn’t in a hurry, just taking my time walking back to my scholarship hall from class. The weather was perfect, the leaves were starting to change, it was one of those days where campus looked like a postcard. I was really taking in my surroundings and just enjoying the beauty of this campus and realized, “I’m home.” It is kind of a weird one and I have many other fantastic KU memories, but I’ll never forget that moment when I realized this was the first place that I ever felt like I could call home.

My favorite place on campus is …

The benches under the Campanile, overlooking the Hill and the stadium. The text overlays a picture of the top of the Campanile, visible between a gap in two trees.

My super power would be: I would love to be able to apparate! That’s more of a “magic power” than a super power maybe, but I think it counts!

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