5 Classes for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Geeks

Hello, Jayhawks! Today we are taking a look at classes that remind us of one of our favorite TV shows, ‘The Big Bang Theory’. All self-proclaimed nerds are invited, but we promise you don’t have to be a theoretical physicist. Let’s get started!

ENGL 506 Science Fiction

The development of science fiction as a literary genre, and as a literature of ideas for a future-oriented society.

Star Wars? Star Trek? How about the books that inspired them both? Read some of the classics that helped launch the genre from a niche to a literary mainstay.

PHSX 111 Introductory Physics

A one-semester survey of classical and modern physics, designed primarily for liberal arts students. Typical subjects include the laws of motion, gravity, electricity and magnetism, sound, light, quantum mechanics, atomic and subatomic physics. Subjects are treated mainly conceptually with some use of basic data.

Okay, deep breaths. This physics course is designed with liberal arts students in mind. Less mind-bending math equations, more concepts. You can do it, hawks!

ASTR 394 Quest for Extraterrestrial Life

An introduction to the search for planets around other stars and for life in the universe beyond the earth. A discussion of the astronomical conditions under which life might form and the biological conditions of life formation and evolution. Methods of searching for extraterrestrial life.

Wondering if there’s life on other planets? Take the scientific approach and see what it would take for life to form beyond Earth.

SOC 104 Elements of Sociology

The study of social life, including how human groups are organized, how they change, and how they influence individuals. Consideration is given to a variety of human organizations and social institutions and how these groups and institutions both determine, and are determined by, human beings.

As book-smart as Sheldon is, sometimes he needs some help with social skills. Take SOC 104 and learn how social groups form, work, and thrive.

GEOL 121 Life Through Time: DNA to Dinos

This course leads students on a journey through time to explore the interconnection between life and the geology of Earth, including our own complex relationship with the world around us.

Take this course and you’ll be “keeping up with” how geology has shaped life throughout Earth’s history.

Thanks for reading, Jayhawks!

Note: These classes are offered across all semesters. Check out the schedule of classes to see what’s available in upcoming semesters.