Hawks to Watch: Chris McDonald, Youth Treatment Counselor

Chris McDonald, Youth Treatment Counselor at Denver Children’s Home, Relief Treatment Supervisor and part time Program Assistant for Easter Seals Age: 24 KU Degree: African American Studies (2014), Minor in Applied Behavioral Science Why he’s a Hawk to Watch: Chris has a passion for giving back to his community in return for the opportunities he’s […]

Hawks to Watch: Amy Virginia Buchanan, Performer and Entrepreneur

Amy Virginia Buchanan, Artistic Director/Cofounder at Spring Street Social Society Age: 29 KU degree: BGS, Theatre (2010) Why she’s a Hawk to Watch: Amy has carved her own path as a performer in New York City, acting, singing and writing. She also co-founded Spring Street Social Society, a business enterprise that plans and hosts creative […]

Hawks to Watch: Devon Cantwell, education reform champion

Devon Cantwell, Founding Computer Science and Science Teachers, Smilow Prep- RePublic Schools Age: 25 KU Degree: Political Science (2012) Why she’s a Hawk to Watch: Devon is working to “flip the script on education.” She’s focused on rewriting policies and practices of traditional education to improve opportunities and success rates for students of color and low-income […]

Hawks to Watch: Johanna Maska, Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing

Johanna Maska, SVP Communications and Marketing, Karmic Labs Age: 34 KU Degree: B.S., Journalism, B.A., History (2004) Why she’s a Hawk to Watch: Johanna spent eight years working for President Obama, starting at the beginning of the Iowa caucuses. In all she traveled to more than 40 states and 40 countries, aboard Air Force One and […]

Hawks to Watch: Todd Bradley, Medical Instructor

Todd Bradley, Ph.D., Medical Instructor and Director of Viral Genetic Analysis at Duke Human Vaccine Institute Age: 32 KU Degree: Human Biology (2007) Why he’s a Hawk to Watch: Todd has been recognized as a rising young medical researcher, who has made significant discoveries both at understanding the precise mechanisms of cellular genomic regulation to […]