Graduation Profile: Elementary art educator returns to finish what she started

After leaving campus 52 years ago, Marie Franklin will finally walk down the hill as a KU grad. “You know there’s nothing worse than saying you graduated from this other little college, when what you’d really like to say is that you graduated from the University of Kansas.” Fifty-two years ago, newlywed Marie Franklin moved […]

Graduation Profile: Program empowers student to build mentorship network for female police officers

Lacking a support network while climbing the ranks, Sonta Wilburn looked to a Master’s in Public Administration to build leadership capacity for herself, others “We need more female leaders.” It’s a sentiment often heard, yet Sonta Wilburn had experienced its truth firsthand in the police force. Now a major and patrol commander in Overland Park, […]

Graduation Profile: Giving voice to others’ needs inspired by passion for literature

English major served as platform for Will Dale to discover passion for social justice Combining an English degree with social justice may not be a logical connection for everyone. For graduating senior Will Dale, he couldn’t imagine any other way. “English was my first choice,” Dale said. “I’ve really fallen in love with reading literature […]