Cool Class: LAA 300 – Life, Death and the Living Dead

Images of rotting, flesh-eating zombies familiar to fans of “The Walking Dead” are far removed from the Haitian folklore that inspired the term. But the different Hollywood and Haitian versions of zombies are an example of how different cultures interpret ideas of death, dying and the afterlife. Through cultural concepts such as the Haitian zombie […]


Cool Class: LA&S 292 – Academic Success Seminar

The path to earning a degree is often filled with challenges and obstacles to overcome. KU students never have to make that journey alone. The university is full of advisors, offices and programs designed to help students succeed in getting to graduation. In this course, students will learn study skills, time management techniques and how to utilize […]


Careers & Curriculum

The college experience is meant to shape, guide and prepare students for success after graduation. As important as what’s learned in class is how students apply that knowledge outside class. “For students to be successful in the long term, it’s not just a degree alone. Employers are looking for motivated, well-rounded students who can apply […]


Professor Profile: Sandi Zimdars-Swartz, quilter/knitter

Sandi Zimdars-Swartz is director of the Department of Humanities & Western Civilization and creates many of her own vests and sweaters through knitting and quilting. How did you learn to knit/quilt? I find it impossible to think of a time when I have not been sewing, since I learned when I was about 5 years […]


Putting the Issues in Perspective

Faculty called upon for expertise as media cover significant current events Tweet When a young man was fatally shot by police in Ferguson, Mo., media coverage did not naturally gravitate toward examining mid-century suburban development in the St. Louis area. For Clarence Lang, however, the connection between the current situation and his historical research on […]

Heap of Birds4

Alumni Achievements: Edgar Heap of Birds

Distinguished alumnus an innovator of conceptual Native American art Tweet Growing up in an underprivileged area of Wichita, Kansas, it never occurred to Edgar Heap of Birds that being a professional artist was an option for a career. Luckily, for the art world, the many students he’s taught, and the people he’s honored and educated […]


Alumni Achievements: William Fisher, renowned geologist

Professor’s advice led distinguished alumnus to finding his niche Tweet Looking at the sum of his career, William Fisher attributes many of his accomplishments to a crucial conversation during his college years. Initially, Fisher was intent on a biochemistry major as an undergraduate at Southern Illinois University. That is, until a professor (who just happened […]


New degrees offer unique opportunities

As the largest and most diverse academic unit on campus, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers students the opportunity to do nearly anything – to learn without boundaries. Graduates from the College go on to explore space, write novels, build businesses, fight disease, lead communities and much, much more. Yet, the world continues […]

Lion from Tel Harmal225

Alumna is Modern-day ‘Monuments Woman’

Originally posted by KU News service  University of Kansas College of Liberal Arts & Sciences alumna Corine Wegener has been called a modern-day “monuments woman” for her dedication to protect cultural heritage in some of the most dangerous and devastated areas of the world. Just as groups of World War II soldiers were sent to Europe to recover […]