Fed banks on art students for Centennial celebration

For the past four semesters, more than 50 visual art students, faculty and staff have been working on a commissioned work for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The sculpture, “An Abounding Asset: A Diligent Reserve,” became a permanent display Nov. 15 as the Reserve celebrates its 100th anniversary. This educational partnership began with […]


Alumna is first female combat arms officer

The University of Kansas Army ROTC commissioned its first female Field Artillery officer this spring following Pentagon orders in 2013 to open combat-arms branches to women across all military services. Madeline Wilcox, of Leavenworth, commissioned on Monday, May 19, as a second lieutenant in the Field Artillery branch. “Cadet Wilcox’s selection to Field Artillery was […]


Cool Class: LAA 300 – Life, Death and the Living Dead

Images of rotting, flesh-eating zombies familiar to fans of “The Walking Dead” are far removed from the Haitian folklore that inspired the term. But the different Hollywood and Haitian versions of zombies are an example of how different cultures interpret ideas of death, dying and the afterlife. Through cultural concepts such as the Haitian zombie […]


Putting the Issues in Perspective

Faculty called upon for expertise as media cover significant current events Tweet When a young man was fatally shot by police in Ferguson, Mo., media coverage did not naturally gravitate toward examining mid-century suburban development in the St. Louis area. For Clarence Lang, however, the connection between the current situation and his historical research on […]