Meet the new director of the Honors Program

Bryan YoungBryan Young, associate professor in the in the University of Kansas Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, as the new director for the University Honors Program, as of June 1.

The University Daily Kansan interviewed Young on his new position and his vision for the Honors Program. Read the article here. Continue reading

John Gurche, Distinguished Alumni event photos

John Gurche was named one of the 2013-14 Distinguished Alumni of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Kansas, the highest honor from the College. He was recognized at a special event in Kansas City on May 1.

B. Lynn Pascoe, Distinguished Alumni event photos

B. Lynn Pascoe was named one of the 2013-2014 Distinguished Alumni of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Kansas, the highest honor from the College. He was recognized at a special event in Washington, DC on April 24, 2014.

KU students, alumni, faculty bring WWI history to life

KU WWI logo

The KU WWI Project will commemorate the centennial of the war with four years of projects and events to bring the past into the present. This image incorporates an illustration from the 1918 Jayhawker yearbook.

When a long-dead archduke and his assassin begin following you on Twitter, odds are that something interesting is about to happen. What has led Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Gavrilo Princip to follow the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences on Twitter, as well as many other campus accounts, is an inventive effort to bring history to life in the present. Continue reading

Share your summer with the Journeying Jayhawk

journeying-jayhawk-pantheonHeading somewhere near or far this summer? The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences’ Journeying Jayhawk wants to join your #CLASjourney!

How it works:

Graduation Profile: Honduran filmmaker looks to the future

Honduran filmmaker, Hispano Durón, looks to a creative future making films and teaching at the University of Honduras after successfully achieving his Ph.D in film and media studies.

Hispano Duron 2

Durón gives keynote speech at the II El Heraldo Film Festival in Honduras, October 2013.

Being a filmmaker in Honduras is no easy feat. That didn’t stop KU doctoral student Hispano Durón from writing and directing the first Honduran feature film of the millennia – and only one of a few Honduran feature films ever.

With no film school in the country, Durón left home early to pursue his dream. He received his bachelor’s degree in film from the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, a school founded by recently deceased Colombian writer, Gabriel García Márquez, and legendary Argentine filmmaker, Fernando Birri.
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Graduation Profile: Elementary art educator returns to finish what she started

After leaving campus 52 years ago, Marie Franklin will finally walk down the hill as a KU grad.

“You know there’s nothing worse than saying you graduated from this other little college, when what you’d really like to say is that you graduated from the University of Kansas.”

Marie Franklin on the KU campus, May 1962

Fifty-two years ago, newlywed Marie Franklin moved to Texas just one year shy of her degree in art education from KU. She completed an elementary education degree there and taught elementary school for decades, yet always felt she was missing something.
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Graduation Profile: Program empowers student to build mentorship network for female police officers

Lacking a support network while climbing the ranks, Sonta Wilburn looked to a Master’s in Public Administration to build leadership capacity for herself, others

Sonta Wilburn and her family

As Sonta Wilburn worked her way up to major and patrol commander with the Overland Park Police Department, she found few other women in her situation to talk to about the experience. She has used her experience in her Master’s of Public Administration program to develop more networking opportunities for women in police forces around the Kansas City area.

“We need more female leaders.”

It’s a sentiment often heard, yet Sonta Wilburn had experienced its truth firsthand in the police force. Now a major and patrol commander in Overland Park, she worked her way up the ranks to her current position without many female mentors to consult. Continue reading

Graduation Profile: Giving voice to others’ needs inspired by passion for literature

English major served as platform for Will Dale to discover passion for social justice

Will Dale with Jayhawk

Will Dale has been active in KU’s Center for Community Outreach as an opportunity to help others in his community. He served as executive director in his senior year. – photos courtesy Will Dale

Combining an English degree with social justice may not be a logical connection for everyone. For graduating senior Will Dale, he couldn’t imagine any other way.

“English was my first choice,” Dale said. “I’ve really fallen in love with reading literature and analyzing how literature has depth and meaning and can even effect policy changes.” Continue reading

Graduation Profile: Friends have forged close bond after 18 years at same schools

Graduation from the University of Kansas will be the first time since kindergarten that Chris Carter and Cody Janousek will go on to different schools 

Chris Carter and Cody Janousek in pep band

Chris Carter (drums) and Cody Janousek (yelling) have played in band together since middle school. They have also been in marching band and the men’s basketball pep band together at KU. – photo courtesy Dan Storey/KU Alumni Association

Cody Janousek and Chris Carter will walk down the hill this May like they have done everything else – together.

It’s not often people can say they’ve been “friends for life” and mean it literally. Yet, that’s exactly the case for the graduating Lawrence seniors.

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