Cool Class: BIOL 418/EVRN 420 – Biology of Cicadas

This summer Lawrence residents experienced a phenomenon they haven’t seen since 1998. Swarms of cicadas. Every summer annual “dog days” cicadas make an appearance in Lawrence and neighboring areas but this summer brought cicadas by the tens of thousands. These cicadas are periodical, living underground for 17 years before popping above ground for a brief […]


Cool Class: BIOL 240 – Fundamentals of Human Anatomy

A broad, liberal arts and sciences education allows students to develop important skills, establish a well-rounded knowledge base and learn without boundaries. “If science trains the students’ mind, art trains their heart and appreciation for other people’s work,” said Victor Gonzalez, director of anatomy in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. In fall 2014, […]


12 classes you didn’t take in High School

High school provides a great foundation of education. But now that you’re at KU, it’s time to explore – and there’s no better place than in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. With more than 55 departments, programs and centers; 40 languages; and 100 major and minor options – chances are we’ve got what […]


Graduation Profile: Senior perseveres to give speech of a lifetime

As a first-generation college student and a single parent earning minimum wage, Alyssa Cole was stressed and frustrated. At the end of her rope, she decided to write a letter to the one person she thought could help, President Barack Obama. “Writing to him was basically a last resort,” Cole, a Garden City senior, said. […]


Graduation Profile: Academic success isn’t up for debate

Waiting with bated breath for the results to be posted, the excitement in the room was palpable. After a moment of silent scanning, a single shout goes up and the team erupts. Jumping up and down, the cheers from the crowd signal that the team of Jyleesa Hampton and Quaram Robinson made it to the […]

Jordyn Gunville

Graduation Profile: Finding strength and hope through difficulty

Leaving her home on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota to study at KU changed Jordyn Gunville’s life in more ways than she ever imagined. Her move to Lawrence led her down an eye-opening path to her future in community health. Gunville grew up in Eagle Butte, South Dakota in the poorest county […]

Marcus Florez

Graduation Profile: Wake-up call turns expulsion into opportunity  

Marcus Florez, B.S. in chemistry, Class of 2015 If it weren’t for Marcus Florez being expelled, he may never have become a promising young Alzheimer’s researcher. Florez, a senior from Bel Aire, had a wake-up call at the young age of 14. He describes himself as a troubled kid, who was frequently suspended and finally, […]