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19 classes you didn’t know you could take in the KU Core

Still looking to complete some of the KU Core requirements? We’ve got you covered with everything from pirates and jewelry-making to sports fans and rap geniuses. Once you’re ready to enroll head over to for more info. 1. ASTR 394: Quest for Extraterrestrial Life You don’t have to be Star Lord to search for […]


Finding a home on the Hill

John Nalbandian gives back to the University that became his home “I joined the KU faculty in 1976.  My family and I moved to Kansas from Los Angeles, our home, and we thought we would spend a few years here and then return to Southern California.  I have returned, but only to visit!   Lawrence became […]


Extracurricular Activities – Robin Rowland, bow tie aficionado

Robin Rowland is a professor in and Director of Graduate Studies of communication studies and a bow tie aficionado.   The bow tie is a unique fashion statement, one only a select few decide to sport. On campus, Robin Rowland is known for his debate prowess, his research on how symbols shape society, and his extensive bow tie collection. We […]

Visual Illusion: Are you #TeamWhiteGold or #TeamBlueBlack?

Thursday afternoon, this photo began circulating around the internet, creating controversy and blowing minds. “The Dress” has been confirmed by the manufacturer to be Royal blue and black but the original photo is quite a polarizing optical illusion. What color do you think the dress is? Are you #TeamWhiteGold, #TeamBlueBlack or a flip-flopper? To help explain […]


Classroom guests help students envision careers

  Liberal arts and sciences graduates go on to successful and sometimes unconventional careers. They combine personal passion with the flexibility of their degree to build careers that are both fulfilling and challenging. To help students visualize their own career paths and provide valuable insight and advice for the future, College departments frequently host visiting […]


Alumni Achievements: Grant encourages creative genius

Alumna combats violence against native women through tribal law reform Chaos. That’s how Sarah Deer, College alumna and MacArthur ‘genius’ grant winner, describes her typical day. Mentoring students, counseling rape victims and fighting to close cracks in the legal system fill her days. At night, she unwinds with her husband Neal Axton (whom she met […]